Smoking adversely impacts overall health. It is advised to not smoke regularly as tobacco is dangerous for health. Smoking is also harmful after tooth extraction be it wisdom or regular tooth. Want to know why? Keep on reading this blog to know your answer.

Quitting tobacco is a really tough job as it is addictive and stopping abruptly results in withdrawal symptoms since their bodies depend on it. It is very difficult time, and the pain alongside restlessness is real.

Why Is Smoking Prohibited After Tooth Extraction?

Listed down are some usual complications of smoking after a tooth extraction process.

Loss of Blood Scab

Smoking does not seem harmful, but it increases the healing time after extraction is completed. When smoking the first thing done is inhalation or sucking the tail of the cigarette. This loosens the clot or scab formed because of pressure. If it is not there, then the wound is open for bacterial infection.

Dry Socket Formation

In addition to the sucking action while smoking, letting it out is not easy after tooth extraction. At exhalation time, the force moves the clot from its place turning that area into a dry socket.

A dry socket because of smoking causes foul odor issue – halitosis and radiates pain from the extraction site to the whole jawbone. It usually forms between days 1 to 3 after extraction process.

Dry sockets are very painful but usually heal on their own. However, if smoking is continued then the healing process may fail altogether.

Lack of Oxygen Supply to the Extraction Site

The cigarette smoke contains hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, and carbon monoxide, with other harmful substances that cause inflammation and bleeding. Moreover it also stops apt oxygen transportation to that area which is essential for the healing process.

Taking Care of Oral Cavity After Tooth Extraction

Getting an extraction done always hard and requires a lot of after care. It becomes increasingly difficult if you are a smoker. As far as eating is concerned, here’s a list of the things you can eat.

Food items you should avoid:

Here are a few things to keep in mind


Now you have an idea why smoking after a tooth extraction is not allowed. Main component is the scab, and if it dislodges anyways, get a dentist’s help immediately. Reach out to Pasadena Dental Doc in Tx to set an appointment with our dental expert. Call now at 713 947 0293 for more information.