Many individuals think that wearing braces is painful, but it’s actually not. However, we don’t say that getting them is a comfortable process; mild discomfort and pain initially is there, but it goes down with time. Keep on reading this blog to know 11 tips for pain relief from braces if you are concerned about this issue.

1. OTC PainKillers

Oral OTC drugs for pain relief are commonly used and are one of the go-to methods to stop braces pain. The drug and dosage depend on the severity of pain. Usually, it decreases with time, but after tightening, the pain relapses.
You can take an OTC painkiller 1 hour before the dentist’s appointment so that it starts showing effect when through with the process.

2. Oral Anesthetics

The first day after getting braces is not easy therefore oral anesthetics are used. They decrease pain and have numbing effects. Oral anesthetics are gel-based and are easily spread on the teeth with braces for pain relief.
You must think, “How do anesthetics ease braces pain?” well, they reduce the sensitivity of the teeth and their gums; so they do not feel the pressure or pain.

3. Ice pack Usage

It is one of the easiest methods for reducing braces pain. Freezing temperature packs reduce inflammation and work as a natural numbing alternative. Using an ice pack with braces is simple; place the pack on the outside of your mouth at the pain site for relief.

4. Ice Water

If you don’t have an ice pack, ice-cold water will work too. Once you have braces on, take a glass of water for immediate pain relief. This method is effective but provides short-term relief.

5. Soft Food Intake

One of the few issues is eating restrictions. Eating hard food requires pressure which loosens wires and displaces them from brackets, and that means rewiring. It is advised to eat soft mashed foods.

6. Orthodontic Wax

Wax is one of the essentials in the kit after getting braces. Its duty is the protection of soft tissues like cheeks or inner lip from the metal bracket wires. The wax is a barrier minimizing irritation and friction.

7. Salt Water Rinse

No doubt cold water does wonders for reducing pain; however, warm also relieves discomfort when used as a saltwater solution. Swish swirl and spit a mouthful of the solution. It helps in healing cuts on the gums or any soft tissue from braces.

8. Gum Massage

Massaging the gums help in alleviating pain. It is easy and has an immense effect. Rub the gums with a finger circularly. Pro tip – use an ice cube before gum massage for better results.

9. Dental Hygiene Regime

Oral cavity hygiene becomes more important after braces—appropriate aftercare affects pain. Cleaning is necessary for hygiene maintenance to remove bacterial buildup for inflammation prevention.
Food sticks on the braces’ wires; that’s why flossing is important. Brush using a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss oral cavity maintenance.

10. Diet Changes For Pain Relief Due to Braces

Diet is important after getting new braces or tightening for pain relief. Sticky or crunchy eatables get stuck on your braces, and with improper cleaning, forms cavities.


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