Braces have become more popular than ever before. As a safe and easy orthodontic option to straighten teeth, many people choose to get braces to improve their smiles. But after they come off, unfortunately, many people can notice stained teeth from braces.

In this article, we’ll explore some of why stains from braces can occur on your teeth. Next, we’ll talk about how you can remove them and make your teeth as bright as possible.

Causes For Stained Teeth: It’s Probably Not Your Braces

Orthodontic devices such as braces are designed with a system of brackets that adhere to the surfaces of the teeth. An archwire holds these brackets together, and the entire system occupies significant space inside your mouth. The result is that the wire and brackets can accumulate food, saliva and oral bacteria, allowing dental plaque to form.

Normally, a good oral hygiene routine would get rid of the plaque through proper brushing and flossing. However, it’s more difficult to clean in the crevices in and around the braces, and the plaque accumulates and thickens. Bacteria that reside within the plaque produce acids that weaken and demineralize tooth enamel, which results in small white patches and spots in difficult-to-reach areas. Meanwhile, the plaque hardens over time and becomes tartar, which is creamy-white to yellowish. Tartar deposits on your teeth are hard enough that you cannot remove them even with vigorous brushing.

Of course, all of these cases show that it’s not the braces themselves that are causing the staining. Rather, it’s the fact that the braces can make it difficult to clean your teeth and gums properly.

Stained Teeth From Braces Happen Because Of Poor Oral Care

As we’ve learned, braces can make it more difficult to clean your teeth properly – leading to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why the best way to prevent stained teeth from braces is to defend your teeth against plaque buildup while you have braces.

Conclusion: Removing Stains from Teeth After Braces

If you have stained teeth after your braces have been removed, a dentist can professionally whiten them to give you a brighter, more uniform smile.

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