Wisdom teeth are the last ones that pop up in the latter years of life, so they do not get much room for proper growth that results in infection. One method of dealing with this problem is getting an extraction. If you are getting a wisdom teeth extraction expect cuts and stitches on your gums.

This thought must’ve crossed your mind, why would we need stitches for wisdom teeth extraction? Sometimes, the teeth are not entirely out, and incisions or cut in the gums will help the dentist get towards the bottom. Therefore these stitches are required for closing the gap.

How Long Do Stitches Take To Fall After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Stitches come with self-dissolvable properties and their healing time on wisdom teeth gums vary; some may fall off within weeks, while some may take months to dissolve fully.

Dentists say that sutures mostly stay in place for about 15 days and start dissolving in the body. During this period, you may feel stitches coming out in tiny portions; don’t worry, it is a normal dissolution process.

Do We Get Dry Socket With Stitches?

There is a possibility you may develop a dry socket after wisdom teeth extraction, even with stitches. It is a rare phenomenon; they appear in 1 of 10 extractions. A dry socket in the wisdom tooth extraction area is painful to bear, and its development delays healing.

Dos and Don’ts After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The more careful you are regarding post-op care, the fewer complications.



Do Wisdom Teeth Stitches Develop Infection?

It is common to develop an infection on the stitches site after wisdom teeth extraction. In such case, seek professional help immediately. Here’s what you should look out for:

Do Holes Completely Heal After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

An empty socket takes 4 months approx. for healing. When these stitches completely dissolve or fall out, you can start brush and floss regime again, but with care.


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