Among the elderly, there’s no denying that dentures are needed much more often than they are for younger people. Indeed, when it comes to replacing teeth that have gum disease issues and other damages, dentures can be a great option. In this article, we’re going to look at whether or not all older people need dentures in every case.

Dentures and the elderly

As we get older, the cumulative years of decay, gum disease, and other issues do leave us more susceptible to tooth loss. However, people who are just reaching the 65+ stage of their life are somewhat less likely to need dentures than those of generations passed. This is, in part, due to the fact that oral hygiene standards have been rising considerably over the past couple of decades.

Previously, oral health standards were not as commonly known and shared. Similarly, flossing was much rarer, and there wasn’t a lot of fluoride in the water. Nowadays, however, routine oral health checks, better hygiene standards, and water fluoridation in most households have meant that fewer adults are losing most of their teeth.

The rise of other options

Unfortunately, around 25% of all older adults still do experience total tooth loss. At one point, if a person lost some of their teeth, the best treatment option might have been to wait for the others to come out to fit in dentures. Nowadays, however, there are more options.

Dental implants are the invention that has opened up the wider range of options now available. Nowadays, if someone loses a tooth, they can have an implant with a crown fitted so that the rest of their teeth remain stable and aren’t more likely to be lost, too. In fact, multiple teeth can be replaced by implants that have partial dentures fitted, reducing the need for full dentures.

The place for dentures

Elderly adults aren’t as likely to have a need for full dentures as they were in the past. However, they can still be a great option for many patients. Even those who take good care of their teeth may someday experience full tooth loss and require partial or full dentures.

There are many benefits to choosing dentures. For one, though they come in many varieties and price points, dentures tend to be more affordable and accessible than tooth implants. Similarly, they can be fitted relatively quickly, and they’re easy to care for. So, there are still occasions where your dentist might recommend dentures instead of some of the other options available.

While dentures may be common among elderly adults, that doesn’t mean that every person 65 and above is going to need dentures. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to keep your full set of teeth well beyond. Many elderly people still need dentures, but there are other options out there, even when treating tooth loss. To make sure you always know your options, routine visits to the dentist are essential.

Final thoughts

We hope you were better able to understand whether all elderly adults need dentures. If you need dentures, Pasadena Dental Doc can help. To learn more about what we can do or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 713-947-0293.