You may not think of it, but sinus infection and tooth pain are interrelated to each other. In fact, many times, tooth pain serves as a primary symptom of sinusitis. Along with that loss of sleep, concentration troubles, and pain during food consumption are some examples of the issues an individual having sinus troubles deals with.

Let’s discuss briefly what a sinus infection is and move on with the relationship between sinus and tooth pain, identification, and treatment methods.

Sinus Cavities

We have paired cavities in our face called as sinus cavities and are found right beneath the eye, interconnected through channels. The job of sinus cavities is that they are supposed to keep the nasal passage moist, which is achieved through thin mucus drip throughout the nose. This drainage is essential for keeping the nose clean from bacteria and dirt.

If you feel sinus pressure in your face, it is most likely because of swelling up of these cavities due to inflammation.

Can We Identify Sinus Tooth Pain?

Sinus inflammation is scientifically known as sinusitis, and tooth pain is a primary symptom. However, distinguishing the root cause of that pain is required for proper relief.

7 Treatment Methods of Sinus Tooth Pain

You can use the following tips for pain relief after establishing the cause.

Expectorant and A Decongestant

You can immediately relieve sinus pressure by draining the excess mucus produced out. Expectorant pushes the mucus out from the cavities in phlegm form. Whereas if we talk about decongestants, they tighten the blood vessels allowing better airflow.

Spicy Food Item

If you are wondering how can taking spicy food aid in sinus tooth pain relief? The answer is quite simple; the heat level in spices such as red peppers or chili peppers can decrease the mucus density, facilitating flow.

Fluid Intake and Steam Flow

Steam is the best bet for targeting excessive mucus buildup. Whereas water helps in the dilution process of mucus, therefore hydration is required for pain relief.

Sleeping Routine

A good night’s sleep is vital for the apt functioning of the body. Humming before going sleeping has proven efficient for many people because it helps clear pathway air uses, providing a little pressure relief.

Head Positioning

Change your head direction, tilt it and place it to stop the mucus block of pathways.

Anti-inflammatory Food Intake

Sinusitis’ main cause is inflammation, and the usage of anti-inflammatory food has proven beneficial in the longer run.

Rinsing with a saline solution

Rinse your mouth using a saline solution every night before sleeping is a good practice for pain relief.
If you think that sinus infection is not the reason for your tooth pain, reach out to our dentist in Pasadena at Pasadena Dental Doc; call now 713 947 0293 for information or more.